George Tindale Gardens

Another one of the more beautiful gardens in the Dandenong Ranges is the unique George Tindale Gardens. Just meters from the iconic Alfred Nichols Gardens, it makes the perfect combination of sights to see whilst travelling through Sherbrooke, one of The Dandenong’s leafier suburbs.

This picturesque property boasts enviable collection of rare and exotic plants and flowers, set under the shelter of the massive Mountain Ash Trees.

The collection came about due to the efforts of research scientist George Tindale and his artist wife Ruth, who purchased the property in 1958. George was part of the Victorian Department of Agriculture, and furthered the development of the property as part of his work.

After his death in 1977, George’s wife Ruth continued on the work at the gardens, creating many of the plantings, walks and sculptured creations throughout the property, furthering his legacy. Ruth bequeathed the garden to the Victorian Conservation Trust in memory of her husband in 1980, and has now been in the trust of Parks Victoria since 1995.

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