Proserpina Bakehouse

Proserpina Bakehouse sits on the main street of Sassafras amidst a vibrant community garden. Six days a week they freshly mill flour that soon becomes a variety of bread, pastries, astonishingly delicious sweet baked goods and wholesome pies. This humming heart of Sassafrass is the combined expertise of Gary Cooper (ex - Bella Verdere) and Carolyn Deutsher (ex - Ripe). A bustling cafe / bakery / community hub is probably the best way to describe this warm and beautiful space. 

Proserpina Bakehouse is food heaven for those that love it homecooked and brimming with local ingredients, fresh ideas and classic favourites that are executed just like you dreamt they should be. 

Antique benches sit alongside purpose built shelving filled with flowers, objects of beauty and the teams favourite local artisan produce. The coffee machine hums from the moment the bakers arrive until the last person wanders out the door.

Daily specials and smiling faces make this a 'must try' destination food stop.


7am - 5pm (Closed on Tuesday)