The Wall

Length: 5.2km
Average Gradient: 5.7%
Total Ascent: 294m
Climb Category: 3
Start: Corner Monbulk Rd and Monbulk Olinda Rd - Monbulk
Finish: Olinda Pool - Monbulk Olinda Rd - Olinda
Nearby: Monbulk, Olinda

The Wall rises up from Monbulk to Olinda on the eastern side of Mount Dandenong. The climbing starts from the beginning of Olinda Monbulk Rd.While the avergae gradient is quite acheiveable for the fiutness enthuisiast it gets it name from the two steeper sections where the road peaks at about 10% (at the 2km mark and athte 3.4km mark). But don't worry there are several flatter sections where you can catch your breath before you dance on the pedals again. You will be please to know that despite the steeper sections it ins't the most challenging climb of the Dandenong Ranges.

The Climb is set within the Dandenong Ranges National Park and travels past famous cool climate gardens of the region like Cloudehill and the R.J Hamer Aboretum.

The climbing finishes at the sign for the Olinda Pool and riders can then welcome a nice flat recovery as they enter the township of Olinda, where they can  can grab a coffee and snack or keep riding.

Please be courteous to local drivers and climb single file when cars approach.