Each winter the Lantern Parade brings together the community of the Hills in a celebration of friendship and creativity. The street is reclaimed for the people and thousands flock to take part in one of best and biggest community-made spectacles as hundreds of lanterns line the main street, accompanied by drummers, dancers and performers. There's also a fabulous lineup of performers and events before and after the Parade.

Each year sees more big lanterns from more groups in the community, coming together in the months leading up to the parade and working with our Hill's own Lantern Artists to create awe inspiring large group lanterns. They'll be joined throughout the Parade by hundreds of Lanterns made by all those of all ages who want to take part.

As well as lanterns, there are fabulous entertainment including drumming groups, stilt-walkers, Rudy the-one-man-band, food stalls and much more; all topped off by a story time for the young ones in the Belgrave Library with JJ after the parade.

Check all the dates and booking information on the Lantern Parade web site. Bookings are essential.

If you are after inspiration, check out some of the wonderful Lanterns being made on the Lantern Parade's Facebook Page; or look out for some of the Lanterns popping up in the Belgrave Shops as a part of Winter Windows.

This is Belgrave's parade, and is your chance to get even more out of this wonderful event. Make a lantern, a group lantern, contact us to volunteer to help make it all happen – get in touch!