Firstly I would like to say thank you.  Thank you for being your bright, delightful and stylish self.  You have welcomed me with open arms and have shown me hospitality that has me coming back for more.  I know that I may have over stayed my welcome, with two visits in a week and feel I need to warn you that I am planning to knock on your door again this month.  This time I will have a few friends with me.  I hope you won’t mind me introducing them to you.

I want to show them your industrial style and rustic beauty.  I want them to experience walking through the front door and taking in a breath at the unexpected scene that lays before them.  The Bromley and Co hanging on the wall, the white painted brick, subway tiles and concreate floor all tied together with the warmth of raw wood and natural light. 

Inside The Independent, Gembrook, Dandenong Ranges

Dining area, The Independent, Gembrook, Dandenong Ranges

I want them to be greeted by your attentive staff.  You have found people that are passionate about their work.  They are highly professional with a warm and friendly touch.  I want their water glass to never run out and their every need pre-empted.  They too should feel they are free to enjoy their meal, the company around them and the new friends they just met while placing their order.  I would love to introduce them to Max, Jessica, Laura and maybe even give Head Chef and owner Mauro a nod.

It is my desire for them to have their tastebuds dance and sing after tasting your modern Argentinian cuisine.  They too should be exclaiming how the food is amazing and the portions are ample after we share your $58 six step menu.  It is clear that you are focussed on relationship through food - A feast for the soul and a delight for the spirit through communing together.  It is obvious that family is your life, with evidence of a strong family bond between father and son throughout your entire establishment.  The ample offering of highchairs is encouraging to a mother and will keep this family coming back for years to come.

Food plated up, The Independent, Gembrook, Dandenong Ranges


It is from my heart when I say, don’t change, stay just the way you are.  Continue to offer an experience that is warm, inviting and leaves one wanting more – even if one is full to overflowing with food.  Stay true to who you are and word of mouth will ignite the masses.

Thank you once again,


Guest Blogger - Tennille of Yarra Valley Life