The Streeton Trio perform at Arthur Streeton’s house “Longacres” at Olinda

The Streeton Trio, described by Musica Viva as “Australia’s most internationally successful piano trio” comprises Emma Jardine (violin), Umberto Clerici (cello), and Benjamin Kopp (piano). Already well-known to both Australian and European audiences, their choice of the name “Streeton Trio” was inspired by the romantic beauty of the art of Arthur Streeton, a leading member of Australia’s neo-impressionist Heidelberg School of painting.  The name was, however, more apt than they first imagined, as its musical associations are strong.  Arthur Streeton was an ardent music lover and close friend of many eminent musicians, including Professor Marshall-Hall (the foundation Professor of Music at the University of Melbourne and the Melba Conservatorium) and also Dame Nellie Melba who was closely associated with the Heidelberg School.

More importantly, Arthur Streeton’s wife Nora was a world renowned violinist, whose all‑female “Nora Clench Quartet” played a prominent role in the music of fin de siecle London and who is still honoured in her native Canada for her contribution to music.

Esther Leonora Nora Clench was the gifted daughter of Leon Moses Clench, himself a musically talented Canadian lawyer and amateur violin maker who taught her to play the violins he had skilfully crafted for her.  Acclaimed in Canada as a child prodigy, the 17 year old Nora, already an experienced concert performer, travelled to Leipzig to study under Adolf Brodsky at the Conservatoire.  Nora subsequently studied in Brussels with Eugene Ysaye and later in Berlin with Joseph Joachim.  Joachim, introduced her to his friend Brahms, and she also met and played for other composers including Tchaikovsky and Debussy. Nora toured extensively in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia, giving command performances for Queen Victoria, the Kaiser and other notable dignitaries.

At the turn of the 19thcentury in London, Nora established the Nora Clench Quartet which, unusual for the time, included only female musicians.  The quartet played both traditional and very avant garde music.  Nora married Arthur Streeton in London in 1908.  The Streetons returned to Australia in the 1920’s to live at “Altadore” in Grange Road Toorak.  In 1924, Sir Arthur Streeton built the main house at his country property “Longacres” in Olinda, having already established his garden studio.  He later added the specially designed gallery music room to hang pictures and for chamber music. Sir Arthur described the gallery as larger and more beautiful than any room in the Dandenongs.  The gallery remains largely as it was when Sir Arthur Streeton died in the house at “Longacres” in 1943.  Nora predeceased her husband, dying in 1937.  “Longacres”, with its house, garden studio and cottage in 5 acres of garden, still remains in the ownership of the Streeton family. 

On Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th April 2016, in special concerts, made possible by the Streeton family, the Streeton Trio will perform piano trios by the favourite composers of Sir Arthur and Lady Nora Streeton: Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and Debussy.

The performance will take place in the historic “Longacres” music room and will include afternoon tea and an opportunity to explore “Longacres”, which is normally a private residence.


  • Mozart: Piano trio in G major K 496
  • Schubert: Nocturne
  • Beethoven: Piano Trio in B flat Op. 11 “Gassenhauer”
  • Debussy: Piano Trio

Monday 18th April 2016 at 2pm

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Tuesday 19th April 2016 at 2pm

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Tickets: $50. As there are only a limited number of seats available, it is recommended to book early to avoid disappointment.